“Do You Have Self Control?”

You have self control, right?

I mean, you do have a personal sense of self control that enables you to work –– productively and without interruption –– at any task you put your mind to, and for unlimited amounts of time, correct?

Yeah…  I didn’t think so.

But that’s okay…

I don’t either.

As was discussed in a previous post, attention is a finite resource and –– for the vast majority of us –– an increasingly scarce resource, especially as our homes, workspaces, and lives become filled with more and more technology.  It’s incredibly difficult to maintain focus and deep concentration on a task when every piece of electronic equipment we own is constantly trying to distract us and practically shouting out: “Look!  Look here!  No…  Here!  And now here!”

Fortunately –– and somewhat ironically –– I make use of a technological crutch to help me better manage the distractions created by technology.

To help me better manage my self control, I make use of SelfControl.

You should use SelfControl, too.

SelfControl is an app –– a computer program –– that, while it’s running, allows the user of the program to block specific websites for specified amounts of time on their computer.

Okay…  So, that’s a terrible explanation.  Fortunately, I just posted a relatively short video up on YouTube that explains –– in detail –– exactly what SelfControl is, how it works, and how you too can get SelfControl.  If you’ve got a bit of time on your hands, with no need to focus on some important task, take a few minutes to check out the piece:


By the way, if  you know of or use some other resource to help maintain your attention and self control –– especially when working with technology –– please be sure to leave a comment, either here on this blog or over on YouTube.