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You remember that really skinny guy in high school, right?  That one REALLY skinny guy –– kinda’ nerdy –– with the bad haircut, cheesy lil’ mustache, acne, and glasses?

Yeah… That guy.

THIS guy.


Super-dorky me, more than 30 years ago.






















Yup… That was me, Matt Monroe, nerd-extraordinaire.


Guitar geek.

Geeky… But I wish I still had that guitar.

Double ouch.

Fortunately, over the years, things improved quite a bit for me –– that skinny, nerdy guy –– and I managed to put on a bit of muscle, shaved off that damn mustache, found a barber who actually knew how to cut hair, and though I continued to wear glasses, I did settle on a set of frames that were a bit more stylish.

Okay…  So, I might have been a nerd, but I was a relatively healthy and (if I can brag just a bit), a good-looking nerd, too.

But then the big “Four-Oh” hit.

And my clothes just didn’t seem to fit as well as they had in the past.

And my blood pressure started to climb.

And my lipid panels weren’t quite where they should have been.

And I just starting to feel a bit…. Middle-aged.

And this is an all-too-familiar story for so many of us?

But now let’s fast forward to this year, 2013, where I’ve now hit the big “Five-Oh.”

I’m in the absolute best shape of my life.



I am in better shape now –– at age 50 –– then I ever was at age 20, 30, or 40.

I’m strong as all hell. My blood pressure is excellent. And I have the sort of lipid panel that most people would kill for.

And becoming healthy in my middle-age?

It was simple.

Maybe not easy…

But simple.

I’ve started up this blog, because I want to tell you –– to show you –– how I became healthy AND how I stay healthy.

And it’s simple.

Not always easy…

But simple.

And the best part? You don’t have to wait until you’re fifty before you start working on your health.