fitmob’s smart, VC-backed, health-centric technology

With so much silliness coming out of Silicon Valley these days (and if you don’t believe me, just Google the words “Yo app”) it’s refreshing –– hell, it puts my faith back in humanity –– to hear of tech-centric companies that are actually trying to do some amount of good in this world.

Don’t get me wrong: I love technology, and I am a 100% certifiable geek.  I mean, jeez’…  I actually learned how to program in BASIC, FORTRAN, and PASCAL waaaaaaay back in the late 1970’s on a Digital Corporation PDP-11, where I used punch cards to tickle and tease all 512 KiloBytes of that computer’s on-board memory.  And while those hours spent staring at a mono-chrome screen and digging through error reports are long gone, I’d like to think that I’m still the sort of guy who stays on top of technology and trends.

Having said all that, it warms the cockles of my heart to hear of businesses that promote their technology as a means of making this world a better place.  One such business –– one that showed up on my screen less than 24 hours ago –– is the health-centric, VC-funded, Bay Area “Sweatrepreneur” company: fitmob

Errrrrhhh…  Sweatrepreneur?

Anyways…  The basic idea behind fitmob is that –– for  the low, low price of $99 per month –– members of the mob (“fitmobians”?) get access to a wide assortment of gyms, health clubs, and exercise classes in their city, and they get this access on an unlimited basis.  More importantly, the variety of gyms, clubs, and classes available is wide ranging in scope, and includes everything from flow yoga sessions to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu martial arts training.  In other words, you have unlimited opportunities to be at peace with yourself OR to get you ass kicked.

Once you have an active membership going (and it takes all of three or four minutes to join fitmob), classes and workouts are signed up through either the fitmob website or via their app.  It’s worth mentioning that fitmob’s scheduling interface/software is fantastic, with a smartly designed layout and user interface.  In fact –– and this is a suggestion to any folks at fitmob who might end up reading this post –– a spinoff company could/should be started up, making use of the fitmob scheduling/calendar feature for use with restaurant reservations, employee schedules, medical clinic assignments, etc…

Just sayin…

But I digress.

At the moment, fitmob memberships are only available in a few select cities (i.e.: The San Francisco Bay Area; Portland, Oregon; Austin & Dallas, Texas; Seattle, Washington; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), though the company and its membership model  is expanding quickly into other areas of the country.

One important heads up: be aware that it’s very specific, individual studios who have signed on with fitmob, so you can’t just get a membership and then go traipsing in to the random health club of your choice.  You will have to look for for clubs/classes in your specific city AND you’ll have to make sure open spaces/sessions are available in those clubs or class.  Fortunately, there are a lot –– A LOT –– of health clubs and fitness studios signed on with fitmob, with plenty of classes available, so finding a way to get in your daily dose of sweat isn’t that difficult.

Lastly –– and this is VERY time sensitive information –– the folks at fitmob have a New Years promotion going on right now, where you can get a one month membership for one dollar.

Yes…  You read that right… 100 pennies will get you a full one month’s access to muscle aching amounts of yoga, kickboxing, pilates, spin classes, kettlebell works outs, and Mixed Martial Arts training.

The catch to this whole deal –– and it’s not really a catch, I merely learned about fitmob less than 24 hours ago –– is that the one-month-for-one-dollar offer expires Monday, January 12th, 2015, at midnight.  Afterwards, fitmob memberships revert back to ninety-nine dollars for a month, though that is still a heck of a deal.

Myself, I signed up for this deal as fast as I could, and I look forward to my full month’s worth of getting my ass kicked.

Literally, I’m going to get my ass kicked.
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See you all at the gym.