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At some point during the next few weeks, I plan on heading out of the city for a day or two, holing myself up in some small lil’ podunk town, and spending a good amount of time deep diving into this past year’s accomplishments (and non-accomplishments), all as part of personal annual review.

It’s standard practice in the business world to have year-end reviews of employees, strategies, practices, and financials –– and my plan is to do something analogous for myself, where I examine the areas of my business life that worked and didn’t work, my personal life that worked and didn’t work, my creative life that worked and didn’t work, and then draw up a basic course of action for 2015, all based upon the review.

I think that –– in conducting a personal review –– that it’s very important to get away from friends, family, and the familiar, all as a means of reducing distractions and increasing internal attention and focus.

And so I’m looking for a small town that I can get away to.

And I’d like your suggestions.

Basically, what I’m seeking out is a relatively small town, somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, preferably within a three hour drive of Portland, Oregon. I’m hoping for a town with at least one clean, quiet, cheap hotel, but with the real emphasis on clean and quiet. If this town were to have a diner, a decent coffee shop, and a funky ol’ bar, well, so much the better. Lastly, nearby pretty scenery won’t be a necessity, though I would prefer a location where I could get out and go for an hour long walk every now and then.

Fit Fifties Roadmap

Where I’m headed for my annual review.










Again, any suggestions for nearby towns would be greatly appreciated. If you genuinely have a recommendation that you’d like to pass along, either leave a comment below, or contact me directly via e-mail: thefitfifties at g mail dot com.

A special shout out goes to John Corcoran who –– on his Smart Business Revolution website –– is a strong advocate for the personal review process.