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D.I.Y. Butter!

As a huge fan of D.I.Y. projects AND as a self-professed food geek, this short lil’ video tutorial –– all about making your own butter at home –– has sucked me right in.

Jenny Torgersen*, an Oregon-based foodie, photographer, and fire dancer (yes, really!) put the video together in her kitchen, and it’s her first official posting on YouTube.

The video is well-made.   The instructions make total sense.  And, as a quick sidenote, I had no idea that making butter was sooooooooo insanely easy.

I suspect we’ll see many more food related projects from Jenny in the near future.

By the way, if you’re the sort of person who drinks his or her morning coffee with a good chunk of butter in it (you know who you are), then this DIY butter would pair nicely with a hot cup of brew.

*It should be noted that Jenny is not anywhere near fifty, though she is quite fit.